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Easy Steps For Going Solar In Chicago

Solar panels are not a new concept, but they are gaining more and more popularity especially in residential areas, but going from having a traditionally powered home to having solar power can be a confusing and even overwhelming process if you do not know where to begin. There are several different brands of solar panels to look at, all with different sizes and power, choosing the one for you can be confusing! Then, you have to think about how much power you will need based on how much power you will need to keep your home running. Below is a guide on how to start the process of converting from traditional power in your home to solar power. If you need assistance finding a Chicago, illinois solar installer.

Look at how much energy you are using in your home
The first thing you need to do is figure out how much power you are using on a monthly basis in your home. You can do this by getting all of your power bills for every month going back for at least a year. This will tell you the exact number of kilowatts that you use on a monthly basis. When adding up the numbers, find the energy bills that were the most expensive and go with that to determine how much solar energy you will need to keep your home turned on. Be sure to add in extra cots so that you can plan for any eventuality where you might need extra power in the home. Once you have a set number on how much you need, give the information to the solar panel company so they know how many panels to get you.

Make your home as energy-efficient as possible:
If you use a lot of energy every month, start looking for ways that will help you cut down on your expenses and save you money. You can try getting your home better insulated, caulking all doors and window frames, switch all of your light fixtures to LED lights, and trade in your traditional appliances for more energy-efficient ones. Offer other people in the home incentives to find ways to save power and reward everyone when the power bill goes down.

Get your home inspected to see if solar panels will work:
Chicago is a typically mild place to live temperature-wise. There are very little surprises as in it does not rain every day or have an extreme cold. There is very little to be surprised about other than wind. There are some personal conditions on our own property that you need to get checked out by a professional before adding in solar panels. Have a solar technician come and check for trees that put too much shade on your roof, neighboring homes that keep the sun off your roof, and the angle that your roof is in. They may find some things that you need to take care of before installing your solar panels so that they are able to operate properly.

Find ways to get funding for installation:
Solar panels definitely save money on energy bill costs and put money back in your pocket in the long run. However, it can be costly to get solar panels bought and installed. Luckily there are a lot of federal and state incentives that are given because solar panels help save the environment. These inventive programs help save money during the start-up phase.

Switching to solar panels may not be as easy as it sounds, but it does not have to be overwhelming. If you are still unsure where to start, contact a qualified Chicago solar-system installer who can assess your home and get you started on the switch in no time.